• Stepping Out

There are many paths but only one journey

From the sea to the land to the soaring sky, Forward Travel’s Canada/Arctic experience takes in the region’s magnificent wilderness and wildlife as well as the magic and wonder of the entrancing Northern Lights.

Whales of all sizes loom in the waters, bears of many colours roam the shore and birds in their thousands fill the sky. This is the world of killer whales and grizzly bears and the mighty Arctic kings - the polar bears.

Tour director Rose explains it as a shared journey more than a tour - a group of like-minded people coming together to experience something truly extraordinary.

“There’s a similarity between Australians and Canadians that makes for a congenial cultural exchange,” says Rose. “We have found a welcoming community to stay in to immerse ourselves into the local culture.”

All the legwork and planning has been taken care of by Rose and her team with the best local guide booked exclusively for the group and plenty of leisure time to tailor to individual desires. 

The Canada/Arctic trip is the holy grail of wilderness adventures, and there’s just 16 places available. Mention ‘Stepping Out and Save $500 per person.

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