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Local agent photo shoot

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

Location, location, location!

We met Russ at his office on Griffith Street and walked up to Kirra Point for the finals of the Quiksilver Pro. Cyclone Tracey was putting on a show for the world to see and we witnessed people of all nationalities and ages gathering along the spit for this momentous occasion. 

Heading up to D-Bah (Duranbah Beach), the surfers and jet skiers were enjoying the spoils. Russ pointed out ‘The Pod House', the spaceship-shaped home situated on the headland overlooking Point Danger and told us the background on this remarkable building.

Growing up in the area Russ has many a story to share. Looking out over Froggy's Beach, he explained how he and his younger brother went surfing years ago and got caught in a rip.

"We swam for the rocks as you do if you don't want to get carried out to sea. The water was savage and my brother just managed to scramble up the rocks before getting sucked under by the waves. I have a lot of respect for this particular part of the ocean.”

As we drove back into town after wrapping up the shoot, Russ pointed out various properties that he has sold or is looking to sell in the future.

"I get very passionate about the properties I sell,” he said. “I am lucky to have such a diverse range of properties, both rainforest and beachfront. The beauty of this area lies in that the mountains are so close to the ocean". 

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