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The launch of Joy Beans

A leap of faith, an inspiring film and a life changing experience and the Joy Beans venture was born - a means to express Ben and Patty Glennon’s passion for coffee, roasting beans and making the world a better place.

With a taste for adventure and a thirst for travel, Ben and Patty Glennon knew there was more to life than working nine to five and living just for the weekend. The couple quit their day jobs, threw on their backpacks and headed off to travel the world with a special destination in mind.

Inspired by the film ‘Somewhere Near Tapachula ’, about a children’s orphanage in Mexico run by an Aussie couple, Ben and Patty eventually made their way to Tapachula to volunteer for the refuge Misión México. Seven weeks later, the couple were changed for life, an experience that lead them to launch Joy Beans - a vehicle that could help them to help others.

Patty explains, “The majority of the world will never experience the peace, education, and financial opportunities that we are born into here in Australia. “ We felt it was our duty to go and make the world better and help where we can, especially to those born into poverty or in dire situations beyond their control,” she said.

Misión México has a youth transition program to help children (some of who have had incredibly traumatic childhoods), to be university educated and transition to adulthood. Patty tells of the positive results happening within the charity, “One amazing young girl has just graduated with her medical degree , joining a list of other children who have graduated University recently.

“They [the charity] have also created Misión Surf, which uses surfing as a means to engage the children, connect with nature, and develop confidence within themselves to achieve their dreams”.

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