• Stepping Out

The Gold Coast loves Dimattina

In 1954, the Dimattina forefathers began roasting coffee in Melbourne setting in motion a family dynasty with an insatiable passion for coffee in all its facets and a never ending pursuit for perfection.

Today, Dimattina Coffee is an Australian coffee institution with a reputation based on quality and sincerity and a first-class readiness to adapt to the ever-changing needs of their customers. Stepping Out discovered all this and more when speaking with Jonny Micalef, Business Developer of the Queensland component of Dimattina.

Jonny says Dimattina comes from the customer side of the coffee counter. “We have owned and operated cafes, bars and restaurants successfully for decades and know the demands and pressures it applies on a daily basis.

“We don’t look at our product or service on a spreadsheet template, we individualise and tailor our support. Our customers are our friends and that doesn’t have a nine to five stop clock attached.”

Dimattina provides a service that goes beyond simply selling roasted coffee. Over the years they have pushed the boundaries of what it means to be a coffee roaster and have helped shape the industry as a whole. Jonny says with pride that the founders of his company are true leaders and the roasters - brilliant, passionate and innovative.

“The guys in our roasteries are nothing short of artists, and with a few new blends added to our quiver in the next few weeks, I state proudly that we have a flavour option that will appeal to everyone.”

And that’s no light task, with every state in Australia having its own coffee culture, trends and challenges. But Dimattina has perfected the roasting process for all the locations they supply to. “The water condition alone affects flavours and differing weather patterns determine how we design our venues and then, how and when we use those spaces daily,” Jonny says.

As to what Jonny enjoys most about his work, it’s his morning coffee with his colleagues. “My day starts there, they inspire me to strive, they educate me, they make me laugh, and they encourage me to be better for my customers.”

It’s living and breathing coffee that keeps Dimattina at the forefront of the coffee industry, which demands the product not only be great, but great, every single time. “Consistency is our biggest achievement and our unorthodox but unparalleled service - that is our legacy, it’s how we grow exponentially year after year.”