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Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk History & Winter Magic

Tamborine Mountain is full of hidden treasures, amazing food, superb walks and as Nick Moore, General Manager of the Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk will tell you, “really, really lovely people”.

The Skywalk is a must-see destination if you live anywhere near or are looking to day-trip in and around the Gold Coast hinterland.

Winter on the mountain is stunning; with crystal clear views and cool air perfect for walking and exploring. This time of the year, you can see the migratory birds at the Skywalk, as well as listen to the Lyre Birds performing territorial calls and interacting through song.

Nick is passionate about nature, he is a bird and butterfly watcher who loves to talk and educate guests, and ensure they are well looked after.

The history behind the Skywalk is a beautiful one. It was the happening year of 1988, the year World Expo 88 hit Brisbane and when Surfers Paradise was like schoolies every day for teenagers, that Nick’s parents moved from Western Australia to their former home of South East Queensland.

As keen surfers and windsurfers, Nick and his brothers were in their element. The family settled on a large property on Tamborine Mountain, with dreams of which to build an impressive Bird Park.

The initial plan for the family was to build a series of huge 70ft high aviaries to house beautiful birds within. As soon as they started to prepare the property however, they quickly discovered the magnitude of beautiful native birds and realised the idea of showcasing aviary birds would not work in the environment.

The decision was made to convert the family home into a restaurant and the very next year, ‘Songbirds in the Forest’ opened, quickly becoming a highly acclaimed modern dining experience.

The next venture for the property was the creation of six luxurious cabins. Finalised in 1996, the cabins provided a wonderful place for people to come to relax and indulge in.

Six years later, however, the tranquil accommodation was sold, along with the successful restaurant. The family had a new vision, a new wondrous venture- a skywalk where all ages could enjoy the beauty of nature and the destination.

“It took about five years to get approvals and if not for the tenacity and perseverance from Mum and Dad, the project would never have been given the green light. At the beginning of 2009 the Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk opened”, Nick explains.

Another decade has passed and the Skywalk is a ‘must-see’ place to visit for both Aussies and international guests alike.

“The property continues to amaze us with its flora and fauna. Platypus, Lyre Birds, Birdwing Butterflies are just a few that inhibit the incredibly diverse tree life”, Nick explains.

“A survey was done from the first bridge which spans 350 meters, from which 97 different tree species, 48 shrubs, 20 vines and eight orchards were listed. This wind protected north facing valley with Cedar Creek running through the middle provides the perfect place for incredible biodiversity”, Nick tells us.

For more information about the Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk visit: www.rainforestskywalk.com.au