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Ryan Parsons - An el natural photographer

Ryan Parsons is a local cafe owner, family man and nonstop creative. With a warm and effervescent personality, Ryan flows through life with a smile on his face and excitement under his skin.

A beach lover, Ryan's passion is to show others the beauty of the ocean and what’s beneath its waterline. “I have always loved water images and as a surfer, it only made sense to combine the two passions together. I was on a surf trip in South Sumatra last year when I met the surf camp photographer Michael Egan, from Byron Bay. Michael got me behind the camera in one session and from there, it was inevitable, when I returned to the Gold Coast I started the research on equipment,” Ryan explains.

The majority of Ryan's images revolve around the ocean. “It’s fair to say that water and landscape is where it’s at for me. I like imagery that is far from staged. I have been asked to shoot staged photos in the past, but after talking to the client I've managed to get them to go el natural. What I mean by this is instead of standing in front of the camera and being told ‘to move your hand’, ‘place your arm around to the right’ or ‘look over there’, I’d rather just get the subjects to walk along the beach and ignore the fact that they are being captured. Moving in close with a shorter lens or from afar with a tele’ lens - this way the subject will definitely get a more natural return, in my opinion.”

Equipment wise, Ryan is currently shooting from the land with the new Sony A9 and for his water photography, Ryan has recently acquired Elite II Water Housing that he is using with a Nikon D800 and a 16mm fisheye lens of 50mm.

A local Gold Coaster, Ryan is a frequent photographer at Snapper, Froggies and D’bah. He is also an avid traveller, last year spending time in Vanuatu, Sumatra, Jakarta, Singapore and Nesiko Japan, and looking forward to his next trips to Fraser Island and Lord Howe Island. “Sunrise, sunsets and Astro are usually better in the colder clear months”, he explains.

To view Ryan's stunning, uncontrived ocean photography, visit @pixbyparso. To book a solo shoot or group session contact Ryan on 0410 633 147.