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Mal Leckie is a Perth born artist who arrived on the Gold Coast in 1974 to take up an appointment as Art Master at The Southport School, resigning in 1988 to become a professional, full-time artist.

He holds graduate and post-graduate qualifications in Fine Art and Art Education from Curtin University, WA and majored in sculpture.

With 37 solo exhibitions and 50+ selected group exhibitions to his credit, he is one of the region’s most accomplished artists. These exhibitions have been held in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Hobart, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Noumea, Hong Kong and numerous regional centres.

Mal has been awarded 36 prizes for his work in New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia – including the Gold Coast City Art Prize on three occasions.

His work is represented in collections in 18 countries around the world and his work has been acquired by numerous corporate collections including Commonwealth Bank, Qantas, Conrad Jupiters, Bird-Cameron and Morris International.

This exhibition showcases works that resonate calm and stillness and will be a beautiful visual and immersive experience.

The Dust Temple welcomes you to attend the Opening Event on Saturday 12th October to meet and chat with Mal himself.

Artist Statement

By Mal Leckie


On the surface my paintings are simple landscapes in a traditional framework, and I am happy with that. I’m not interested in being “on point”. But I am interested in art that is felt.

Our earth is at the pinnacle of importance for us all as a collective, as a species. Great satisfaction, calm and understanding comes from building a deep bond with the land, a bond that is in the bones, and deeper, in the soul.

I once painted landscape that was dramatic, exciting, powerful with the hope that people who saw the works would be inspired to go see it, to be in awe, be excited and to love it for its energy.

With maturity, I now want to paint places that people can visit in quiet solitude, to feel relaxed in, to be able to drift into to think, to meditate. I want to provide a little window on their wall that they can escape into.

My work is not photographic, for what is seen is only part of the story. The true experience of place takes in all the senses. An hour standing before any landscape will have changes of light, changes of sky, noises, smells and interactions like wind, heat or cold, insects, animals etc. Collectively, this is the experience of place that the landscape painter seeks to represent.

So my paintings are my story of an experience, told with paint in the same way a piano player uses just the relationship between notes to build a mood. The aim is not to imitate but to interpret in the language of paint, with all its natural tendencies. I use canvas, colours, shapes, lines and textures, but most importantly the relationships between those elements to try and transmit the less tangible - the “feel”.

I choose my locations now, not for their great beauty, but for their humble individuality, their uniqueness at that moment, their greater beauty that lies in their simple purity and timelessness.

I invite you to visit them peacefully and alone, to drift into them and hopefully find there a place, a moment - seen and felt.

Exhibition: Saturday 12th OCTOBER – 4th NOVEMBER 2019

Gallery: Dust Temple, 54 Currumbin Creek Road, Currumbin Opening Night: Saturday 12th OCTOBER  6 –9pm Gallery Open: Monday to Friday 6am - 4pm | Sat and Sun 7am – 1pm