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Patagonia dreaming

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section we explore nature's very own theme park, Patagonia.

Straddling the Southern Andes of Chile and Argentina, jaw-dropping Patagonia is the perfect destination for everyone

It is abundant in natural beauty with amazing volcanoes, serene lakes, glorious glaciers and breathtaking fjords, and to top it all off, friendly locals - eager to share the land with you.

The north is home to forests, lakes, volcanoes and endearing villages with the finest chocolates to tempt you. The south gives you rugged wilderness including Torres del Paine and the breathtaking performance that is Perito Moreno glacier.

The food and wine is outstanding with succulent lamb and fresh seafood almost jumping off the plate. Some of the world’s best wine is from the region, so not only is it visually inviting, it is a feast for the palate.

The crazy thing is, it is mostly, still a hidden secret.1.2 million people visit Machu Picchu yearly, but only 150,000 go to Torres del Paine.

Patagonia is huge, both in size and in grandeur, and the trip culminates with the highlight - a four day all-inclusive stay in Torres del Paine National Park. There is so much to see and explore, and it can be done in relaxed comfort or with an active appetite for adventure.

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