• Stepping Out

Out of the Velvet Blackness a solo exhibition from local artist Rachel Favelle

Local artist, Rachel Favelle is presently working towards her first international solo exhibition in Chicago in August.

Drawing inspiration from a blend of fairy tales and children’s classics, such as Antoine de Saint–Exupery’s, ‘The Little Prince’, the exhibition titled, ‘Out of the Velvet Blackness’, highlights the significance of childhood creativity and curiosity and the loss of that as we age.

At first glance, the Australian artist’s work appears benign but as with all classic fairy tales, the artist sees a darker side.

“My work focuses on the multifaceted nature of the central character. Engaging you with their direct gaze, these characters may be quiet but they reflect a strong connection to their surroundings and the creatures that inhabit their environment. More recently I have been exploring narratives that present conflicting choices for the protagonist. Each individual has the potential for light and shade, good and evil. It is this duality that I find intriguing,” said Favelle.

‘Out of the Velvet Blackness’ pays homage to the stories, the role-playing, and dreaming that begin in the dark recesses of our child-self’s imagination. For Rachel this was the swimming holes, camp-fires, and the dusty roads of country Australia.

The exhibition presents a series of portraits fused with motifs from nature, reflecting the desire for imaginative cultivation.

Rachel has a degree in Illustration and another in Education. Having spent the last twenty years helping young people unlock their innovation and creativity, she has witnessed first-hand the self -imposed struggles that many adolescents face in their creative pursuits.

Rachel Favelle has been a repeat finalist in the Art Lovers’ Australia Prize, Rotary Arts Spectacular, and Border Art Prize. She exhibits work in Australia, Portugal, San Diego and Chicago.

‘Out of the Velvet Blackness’ will be Rachel Favelle’s first international solo show. The exhibition will include paintings and drawings and be supported by a series of archival prints from Favelle’s collection.

To view the artist’s online portfolio go to www.rachelfavelle.com