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Kellie North - Artist Profile

Kellie North is a photographer who loves to tell stories and blur the lines between photography and art, building and working on her artistic creations in post-production.

Earning her stripes on film, and honing her photography skills early on in her career, today Kellie chooses to work digitally - both with the camera and in post-production. “The results which can be achieved are endless,” she explains.

“Photography is my primary medium but lately I have been compelled to add other mediums into my work to add further texture. Back in 2014 when I discovered the magic that is ‘Photoshop’ and the world that lies in this remarkable software, outcomes became endless.”

Kellie collects her own portfolio of stock photos, “every print I produce is built with images that I have taken on my own camera. Everywhere I go I am always taking photos of clouds, books, grass, birds, shells, just in case an idea comes to mind and I need a certain element.

Women, nature, colour, books, paintings of yesteryear, dance and poetry are all forms of inspiration for her. “I spend a lot of time outdoors either at the beach, in the bush, hiking and or camping, gathering ideas and inspiration all the time.

As a dancer in her youth, Kellie admired contemporary dance and movement. “To me, the human form is incredible; the way we can tell a story with our bodies without the need for words. I found I was able to do a similar thing with photography. Instead of words, I use movement, form, position and props to portray the story I wish to tell in my images.

Kellie's new body of work 'Going Deeper', is a series of images where each photograph is of a female, reflective of herself, lying dormant in a body of water, weightless and free. She purposefully photographs the subject from above to allow the viewer the feeling of staring down at themselves into their own reflection.

As an artist Kellie says, “I love to push boundaries with photography, like with this work where I use embroidery thread to stitch into the prints as an interpretation of the flowers that may blow in, onto the surface of the water surrounding a reflection. The first needle hole into the paper made my chest tighten with anxiety, reminiscent of how I feel at times, but as I continued and allowed my hand to find its place on the print one stitch at a time the process became beautifully meditative and extremely cathartic. The intentional practice of stitching into the images was purposeful and deliberate, so much so, I did not draw or use a pattern. As for other mediums I would love to work with, I like the thought of using paint particularly gold paint and gold and bronze leaf which is something I might work with in the future."

Kellie North’s advice to artists and inspiring artists is simple, “whatever it is you do, keep on doing it. Sometimes things may seem hard having to be everything these days with the social media and marketing of ourselves. But if you just keep on going, it will get easier, you will become more skilled and organised. Continue to up-skill yourself. Stay current. But most importantly keep making your art, because your art is always worth being made.”

'Going Deeper’ is show now at DBar Gallery in Coolangatta until July 10.

For more information visit www.artloversaustralia.com.au and www.kellienorthcreative.com.au.