• Stepping Out

Gold Coast & Northern NSW Craft Beer Trail

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

Beer is ingrained in our Australian drinking culture so it’s no big surprise that craft beer, with its fuller flavour, greater variety, and impassioned support for locally made, has found a niche market on

the Gold Coast.

In a city built on a love for the ocean, sunshine and good times, we uncover a rapidly growing craft beer industry, alive and bubbling with brewers, breweries, beer tours and bars.

On the back of the movement’s success, beer entrepreneurs have collaboratively established the coast as a thriving destination for those that take their craft beer seriously.

With local breweries and brewers picking up national and international awards and the

associated popularity of local events and festivals, there is no doubt the movement is going from strength to strength and is here to stay.

Stepping Out has compiled a fine selection of craft beer businesses with links to their respective digital media so you can coordinate your own personalised trail based on your brew preferences. As each business carves out their point of difference, be it through savvy marketing or having the perfect location, one thing is certain, our local craft beer industry is all about authenticity and taste!

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