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Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Besides her partner and family, Alicia Broom considers her baby, Flowers, Tea and Gifts, her absolute passion and waking obsession. “From the moment I wake to when I sleep, I am always thinking on how I can improve today and what I can do better,” says Alicia of her specialty gift store.

Improving floristry and retail skills are an ongoing focus for the hands on team and their flower crown parties, weddings and online presence will really see some growth in the coming months. They are also working on a special gift in which customers can design their very own candle, customise it with a special scent, a favourite colour and a personal message on the jar.

A perfectionist at heart, Alicia wants her customers to be more than pleased with her business, preferring to see them not just fulfilled but astounded. “I love seeing the anxiety melt away as customers enter the store and wander through knowing they will find just what they need to express their love, appreciation or recognition,” Alicia said.

The internet is easy to purchase from but it’s non-personal and full of fake florists. Yes folks, bogus florists are out there, charging exorbitant prices and giving sub-standard quality and arrangements. Alicia works with I’m a Real Florist, a trusted company that combats online order gatherers and helps consumers and authentic online flower businesses to find each other.

"When customers call us we give a personal service, we get to know their likes and dislikes and we create something amazing for them. At Flowers, Tea and Gifts we have nothing to hide, if an order is made over the phone we are more than happy to send a photo of what we have created. I never want to lose touch with my customers. Whether we’re operating one store or multiple, I will always ensure my customers are directly benefiting from my passion for flowers, tea and gifts,” says Alicia.

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FTG’s Instagram account gives a great insight into the beautiful things on offer in store. Alicia’s talented team will wow you with their unique creations.



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