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Expedition cruises to Antarctica - The most exhilarating adventure

Antarctica is one of the world’s last untouched wildernesses; a vast expanse of white covered peaks, floating glaciers bigger than apartment blocks, and the most spectacular wildlife experiences imaginable.

Forward Travel offer everything from a ten night trip to the Antarctic Peninsula to an eighteen-night trip, in which you take in South Georgia and the Falkland Islands.

“Antarctica is for everyone, whether you like to sit and photograph everything around you, or if you want to go for a good long hike, Forward Travel will guide you and help you get the best from your experience,” explains tour and Forward Travel director David Smyth.

If you long to be in an untouched, wild, natural paradise to see the wildlife or glaciers, or if you’re an adventure lover, Forward Travel has the trip for you, “our backroads trip is early in the season and allows for people to ski and snowshoe. Kayaking and camping are also some of the offerings available,” David informs.

Even if you are an avid bird lover, or if you prefer the majestic giants of the ocean such as the humpback, blue or minke whales, Forward Travel will guide and advise on the right trip for you.

Past travellers with Forward Travel describe their experiences to Antarctica as, ‘Life changing, we are so blessed’, ‘If we never travel again, we won’t be disappointed’ and ‘All my dreams have come true, I am already saving for my next trip to Antarctica’.

It seems Antarctica really does touch people in a special way.

Currently, Forward Travel have a special offer of $1000 off all new bookings for their 2019 / 20 season expeditions. These are small ship polar expeditions to Antarctica, and the season for travelling is during the Antarctic summer between October - March.

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