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Everything you have always wished for in Property & Pet Care has arrived on the Gold Coast!

In the lead up to your next holiday of a lifetime, business scoot or road trip around the country, you’ll be looking to find the right person to look after your home and possibly even your beloved furry, scaly or feathered friends.

My Home Watch is a property and pet care service that guarantees peace of mind for all property and pet owners. As the most trusted Home Watch brand in Australia, they pride themselves on a high level of quality service and customer care.

Felicity Adams from My Home Watch

The on demand service is simple to use. You simply make an enquiry, your local trusted, licensed and insured Property Specialist will visit you to discuss your home & pet needs and book for the time you’re away.

If you book the live camera self-monitoring Arlo system, My Home Watch arranges for installation quickly and easily on the day before you leave.

Home checks services and pet services will be conducted as you have specifically requested whilst you are away. You will receive photos and updates on how your property and pet is for total peace of mind.

With their additional services, you won’t have to worry about the gardens not getting watered, the mail building up in your letterbox, or the food going bad in the fridge (don’t you love that strange musty smell that emanates from an unknown source when you get home from a long trip!)

Instead, be welcomed by a clean house full of fresh food and flowers ready for you to relax in after your time away.

My Home Watch also offers a meet-the-service-provider service where anyone from the maintenance man to the pest man will be stayed with until jobs are complete. If you’re the loving carer of an elderly person or parent, then know your roles will be filled, giving you complete peace of mind during your travel. Specialising in Airbnb Care and Real Estate Services this on demand home service business is everything you’ve ever wanted in home care.

If you wish to contact My Home Watch for a no-obligation quote, call 1300 814 199 or visit www.myhomewatch.com.au | @myhomewatch.goldcoastsouth