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Byron Bay Coffee Company continues their pursuit of creating the perfect cup

Byron Bay Coffee Company has spent years honing the art of roasting and blending coffee which has elevated the company to award winning heights, and has customers the world over singing their praises. For husband and wife team Annie and Franco, Byron Bay Coffee Company is a way of life. From humble beginnings, they built their ‘cottage industry‘ home business into the flourishing company it is today, founded on a path of quality and an ongoing passion for what they do.

In 1989, Annie and Franco moved their young family from Sydney to Byron Bay, seeking a better quality of life in a farming environment. They embraced the fresh air, the rolling hills, the blue seas and the strong sense of community and settled into a contented lifestyle, initially growing coffee but eventually just roasting and wholesaling it.

Franco sources the best quality Arabica coffee beans from the premium coffee growing regions of the world, ensuring their blends have a natural sweetness and are rich and smooth with a creamy body.

“It starts with us and flows through to our staff”, says Annie. “We pride ourselves on our high standards, great tasting coffee, our integrity and happy workplace, here on the hill.

“We choose the best quality green bean and work closely with our coffee broker in Sydney to ensure this. We have four espresso blends that we work on every week, keeping them true to their profiles and tasting great.”

The company does weekly cuppings to ensure the standard and consistency is always there. They roast Certified Organic and Rainforest Alliance coffees in 90% of their blends and pride themselves on the little environmental impact they have within the business.

Their name is, of course, synonymous with the culture of Byron Bay and the company tries to capture that same ethos within their own working environment.

“We live in such a throw away, plastic world and as a responsible company we need to ensure that we do as much as we can to help our environment,” explains Annie. “We are 100% solar and we recycle everything we can within our factory. We use biodegradable packaging, takeaway cups and our shippers are made from recycled paper.”

The company supports many charities including Rainforest Rescue, Sea Shepherd, African Leaf, Our Kids and more. “We love to give back to our community. We feel it’s given us a great business and a great life and it is so heart-warming to return the gift,” says Annie.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving. 29 years on, Byron Bay Coffee Company continues their pursuit of creating the perfect cup of coffee, and going by the many satisfied recommendations, it’s an accomplishment.