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Beautiful Brow Boutique - For the most natural looking brows

It’s Sarah Cambell’s refined techniques of tattooing different skin types along with her background in art and design that distinguishes her from other artists. Sarah sees her clients as individual art projects, which allows her to create bespoke, custom brow designs that perfectly accommodate each face.

“There are certain aspects to crack when delivering the perfect brow; the drafting phase, where I measure up key features on the skin and use the golden ratio calculations, along with freehand methods to achieve the most attractive shaped and positioned brow, “ she says.

A nationally qualified and insured Cosmetologist, Sarah’s areas of expertise are professional semi permanent brow treatments including feather touch brows and combination brows, Plasma Y skin tightening, semi-permanent designer eyeliner, perfect lip lining and colour enhancement, micro skin needling (to boost collagen), HIFU face lifting, skin tightening and fat reduction treatments.

Super passionate about her eyebrow work and delivering the best possible results she can for each client, Sarah has built an environment that feels comfortable and non-intimidating, keeping clients coming back for further touch ups and renewal treatments.

To be touched by Sarah’s magic, you can book online, and use Zip Pay to pay your brows off at $40 a month with zero interest!