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Artist Kellie North - 'Going Deeper'

Award winning photographic artist produces a new series of painterly images merging traditional photography with embroidery in a show titled - 'Going Deeper'

30th  May – 10th  July 2019 @ DBar Gallery Coolangatta

Highly regarded conceptual photographer and visual artist from Queensland, Kellie

North fell in love with photography in all of its forms in 2001.

Earning her stripes on film, Kellie graduated with formal qualifications from The

Photographic Institute of Australia in 2014 where she found the direction she wanted

to take with her photography and found her voice as an artist. Today Kellie merges traditional photographic techniques with digital art to produce painterly images often described as visual poetry, highly emotive, whimsical and evocative.

Artist Statement

Motionless, on the edge of a pool, staring at a reflection; my reflection?

I am not certain.

With narrowed eyes I pry deeper, piercing through the surface where my face lies,

going deeper into the darkness of the water or what feels like my soul.

I let the waters mysterious beauty consume me, inviting me deep within myself

searching for who I am, the person I know, not the person my reflection shows me.

I look to nature to provide me with the grounding I often seek and in juxtaposition,

water to give me a sense of weightlessness, two things that are often far from my

day to day life.

‘Going Deeper’ is a body of work I created over a period of 15 months.

Each individual image is of a female, reflective of myself, lying dormant in a body of

water, weightless and free, purposefully photographed from above to allow the

viewer the feeling of staring down at themselves into their own reflection.

To view more of Kellie North's brilliant art and for more information visit: https://www.kellienorthcreative.com.au/