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Always almost Friday

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

One fateful Thursday evening, Ed Hatcher and Keegan Shaw had a vision, an undeniable desire to do what they loved and follow their dreams.

It seemed quite obvious. Beer in hand and smile on face, right then and there the boys started a journey, a journey of making an enjoyable beer that can be drunk all night without tiring.

Ed and Keegan have always shared a passion for tasting and sampling interesting beers, never sticking to the same labels and always experimenting, especially on Thursday evenings. Now they have their own beers for others to experience.

Thursday Brewing Company are welcoming and fit right into the local craft beer industry, “the coast is amazing, soo many cool new places and beers popping up, especially our friends at Black Hops and Lost Palms, they are all legends.”

To find out more information, or to check out venue or bottle shop locations, visit:

www.thursdaybrewing.com | @thursdaybrewing